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Theodore Richards - CSC Event in Chicago

Hi all,


I've been rather absent from the site lately, moving unexpectedly from Australia to the US and stepping into new role...  One of the things I had to do for sanity's sake was let go of a teaching commitment I had made.  I was scheduled to teach a class on the Monday of the Chicago CSC Event, but my new job, which includes directing a summer camp, was squeezing my time into impossiblity.


Have you ever made a decision that seems hard to get to, but once you do, the relief and rightness just washes over you?  Well, that's what happened for me, and I'll tell you what I did, and why it was a great decision for me and for you!


Not wanting to leave the commitment unfulfilled, I asked Theodore Richards, who is a poet and activist-philosopher-teacher-and-other-things-too to teach in my place. Not only was I unable to teach, but Theodore is just on fire lately. His book,  Cosmosophia, just won an award for excellence. He is  also a terrific man, and, like all good-looking men, he is bald.


Why its a great decision for you:  You get to go to the Chicago event and not only participate with Matt Fox, Alexandra Kovats and Drew Dellinger, but also Theodore Richards! And more, too. So check it out, it's really going to be an awesome opportunity.


Join the conversations about the event here on this site.



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Comment by Yossi Lopez-Hineynu on May 15, 2011 at 6:22pm
Theodore is a fantastic man, indeed, and a friend here in Chicago.  Love how you put "and, like all good-looking men, he is bald."  That just struck me as wonderfully rich and funny!


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