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I thought I'd share these after Christmas Day (still in the liturgical season for those who note such things in that tradition), so as not to cause any damaging disturbances to anyone's Christmas plans.


My happy little hippy faith community, ecofaith, has a creative pastor, Rev Dr Jason John, who enjoys the challenge of rewording songs.  So I credit him and blame him for the carols linked here:


Here's some highlights... to whet the appetite...


(Good King Wenceslas)

From God the universe emerged 

wobbly and uneven 

At first it was mighty hot 

now its mostly freez‟n!


(Joy to the World)

Joy to the Lord, for living things

that swim, and crawl, and fly!

they fill the Earth with colour & song

God has declared them good (x2)

God has, God has, declared them good.


(tune: away in a manger)

The milky way is a galaxy 

Where we lay our head

Here Jesus of Nazareth 

Offered wine and bread.


(we wish you a merry Christmas)

“We wish you a capitalistmas, 
we wish you a capitalistmas, 
we wish you a capitalistmas 
and a credit debt next year!


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