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Creating, Networking, and Supporting Creation Spirituality Communities and Individuals.

Find A Creation Spirituality Community near you.

In addition to the online communities here, there are a growing number of grounded, local communities that are identifying as Creation Spirituality communities.

As they become known and displayed on the website, we'll link them below (as well as on the Communities page).

If you haven't found one, but are interested in finding others near you, please do create an online Community here. It brings no obligations, and simply states "here I am / we are!."

Auburn, CA, USA; "Spiritwind"
Tehachapi, CA, USA; "Spiritwind"
North Bay, SFO Area, CA, USA; "North Bay CS Community" Looking to form.
Boulder, Colorado, USA; "One River - A CS Community"
Hartford Area, CT, USA; "Long River" Seeking interested folks.
Minneapolis, MN, USA; "Sacred Journey - a Creation-centered community"
Chicago, IL, USA: "Celebration Community"
Indianapolis, IN, USA: "CS Indy"
Dayton, OH, USA: "Tree of Life Community (TLC)"
Northeast Ohio, USA: "Greater Cuyahoga CS"
Pittsburgh, PA, USA; "Open Table Worship Gathering"
Maine, USA Interest in formation?
Hillsborough, New Hampshire, USA: Peace Lake
North Carolina (Western NC), USA Interest in formation?
South Carolina, USA Interest in formation?
Richmond, Virginia: Shelter Community Church
Seattle/King County, Washington, USA Interest in formation?

Ottawa, ON, Canada: "Open Table Worship Gathering"
Toronto, ON, Canada: "Ruah - An Eco-Centered Community of Faith"
Halliburton, ON, Canada: "Gaia Centre"

United Kingdom
Greenspirit, The Association for Creation Spirituality in the UK

Adelaide and Bellingen, Australia: "Ecofaith"
See also the online Community (on this site) concerned with Forming and Nurturing CS Communities


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