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Talk about your via negativia!  I just had all my upper teeth and lower right bottom teeth and talk about pain and the healing process...thank gawd for drugs!  I'm T3'd out to tell you the truth...but pain also teaches us stuff...actually I'm still waiting for that wisdom to hit I am not enjoying this particular expression of the via negativia...if God is so great..why did S(h)e create nerves! 


I fully expect that the next theological question to be dealt with in Rev. Dr. Matthew Fox in his next book "The Holiness of Teeth! - By Wisdom Tooth Teacher" to answer the question of why God made nerves!  ok people..I'm delerious..blame it on the T3's...


Seriously, pain is a teacher...and my gums are the teachers today..what a long time it seems ahead of me for these gums to heal...but I am learning that time and healing is a beautiful process in itself..but being a beautiful process does not mean a pleasurable process...that is what I am kind of learning...that beautiful, natural and necessary processes are not always happy processes but they lead to a goal and and a fulfillment of sorts....I guess dying on the cross, as beautiful of a process - the salvation of humanity according to the traditional Christian paradigm - was not a fun thing...hmmm...T3's kicking in..lost track of where I am going with I will gracefully stop now  :)



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There are times when we need to be incredibly thankful for the wonders of modern medicine...even if it costs too much...even if some times it is not so wondrous...BUT...I smashed my left hand three years ago and with wondrous surgical procedures and, at the time wondrous pain killers, my hand is (almost) as good as new, and fully functional...two+ years ago my sciatic condition worsened to the point I needed serious surgery...same result: now all is fine, but pain killers paved the way to healing...teeth are something special: consider a baby going through the teething process...teeth are close to the soul.......................though I am an ordained minister in the UCC and am an avid theologian, I don't think I will ever grasp the notion of Jesus dying for my sins...I have never met a person who died comfortably or gracefully...I don't think I will ever get my head or heart around Jesus dying for me, for I have to do my own dying...the underlying assumption is that "the wages of sin are death"...Mother Theresa mother died...don't give me no crap that death is caused by "sin"...Jesus taught us not only how to die, but how to truly well my brother and take those T3's seriously and know when to stop taking them...I knew when my daughters made it clear that I was goofy as I felt...BE WELL, DO GOOD WORKS, AND KEEP IN TOUCH....Carl


Hi Rev Carl...yeah the crucifixion story was not meant as a theological point..just a point that even with the Fall/Redemption theology of Christianity...the salvation of humanity (awe) is based on the suffering and death of Jesus (negativia) interesting...I hope that I did not offend you.


On another note, the idea of teeth being close to the soul...I learned in acupuncture lately that much of our energy that acupuncture works with is effected by the removal of it is a story that bares some evidence from humanity's older (oldest) religions and spirituliteis..interesteign point.


thanks for your thoughts Rev. Carl.

Bruce Ferguson

My favorite Via Negativa story is how leafs do not just die and fall off their branches...they are PUSHED off by the buds that will next Springs leaves and blossoms...all the plants allow their energy to go back into the earth, where it seethes and flourishes preparing for the coming Spring, even as it endures Winter...Carl

Now theres a metaphor that has incredible debth..never thought about the push energies, factors of  the buds...interesting...

Bruce Ferguson



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