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Art and Creativity

“Wisdom resides in all creative works.” Hildegard de Bingen: 12th-century musician, artist, scientist, and mystic. Creation-centered Spirituality Art in action and meditation.

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Creation Spirituality (CS) and Art

We are ALL artists! There is no art gallery here, but folks can share by posting their creations and images to their own pages and/or embed them within our discussion forum threads (below) in order to describe, process, and react to specific pieces.

Since this is a Creation Spirituality (CS) focused site I, as this group's moderator, humbly suggest we think of art/creativity as a vehicle that can exist in all of Eckhart's Four Paths (listed in the CS Principles). For me it helps to loosely file conversations something like this :

*Everyday Art (via positiva): expressing gratitude, awe and wonder
*Art as Meditation (via negativa): exploring our inner lives, honoring emptiness, sadness, pain
*Art as Healing (via creativa): seeing new possibilities with new eyes
*Art Activism (via transformativa): working for justice
(using art in the most inclusive definition of the word for all the above)

Organizing comments under "discussions" makes it easy to find them again when you want.
Start a new threads by hitting + discussion. Contact me here or at with any questions or ideas if you are unsure. Thank you and WELCOME!

*The icon (literally!) for the group is called, "Sophia, Divine Wisdom." I wrote it in 2003, the face is based on my daughter, Azahar. For more info on my icons, jewelry and giant puppets see:

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Comment by Emily Lasinsky on July 15, 2016 at 11:47pm

Hi all! I'm new to this community. Thought I'd share a piece of writing and some art. This post was written about a year ago and still very close to me now.

Comment by Jody Walker on November 18, 2014 at 12:49am

Hand Built, Hand Carved Stoneware

Playing with clay has become a meditative practice for me. Kneading and shaping the moist earth, feeling it begin to warm in my hands is usually all it takes to subdue my linear, left-brained thought structure. That little ball of earth pulls me in like some pied piper. I carve in clay, not so much for the finished product as for what the process does to me. Once in a while a piece will actually make it through all the steps required, from wedging to slab rolling, from forming and carving to bisqueing and glazing, from firing to opening the kiln lid. Sometimes magic happens inside that 2000 degree oven but I’m learning to become detached from the outcome. I am simply grateful for whatever the interlude brings. Many call it "being in the flow” or “experiencing the now”. Hand building with clay takes me to that place beyond time, a place where one is simply a part of the great all that is.  

Comment by Stephen Wollaston, aka Santoshan on March 19, 2014 at 6:15am

Some design work done for the GreenSpirit ebook series, including the Facebook profile image.

Comment by Stephen Wollaston, aka Santoshan on March 19, 2014 at 6:14am

Comment by Su Skjersaa Lukinbeal on February 29, 2012 at 3:42am

Following up on the comment below, I want to share that the "mixed-media" of artist who are gathering to share Creative Experience and not "end product" feel so blessed and connected as a result of our venture.

Our group is small, on purpose, and we have bonded like family already.  Here is a quick example of our last gathering.

We begin with a feast, our menu is designed with "creative" and beautifully prepared dishes we make in our own kitchens and bring to the celebration.

At each person's plate there is a quote related to that artists subject - 2 painters, a potter, poet, singer-songwriter, and dancer.  Each read her quote and spoke to how the quote reflects some part of her creative process in life.  This opening is designed to get to know one another on a "depth" level that superficial table talk might elicit.

After lunch we displayed our art and spoke to our experiences that, we, creator, awakened to while the created creation arose. During each individual presentation those of us who were observing were also in creative process with the presenter and wrote lines of poetry or Haiku related to that performance or showing.

In closing we had a little ritual and presented one another with the writings that came from us.  Our time together is wonderful, and it is fun, challenging, and beautiful to spend 4 to 5 hours holding creative space while dialoguing, listening and interacting.

Comment by Su Skjersaa Lukinbeal on February 29, 2012 at 3:06am

Comment by Su Skjersaa Lukinbeal on February 4, 2012 at 10:04amDelete Comment

Turning around and around can make one dizzy.  Jan. 28th, 2012 marked a transition I've spun through 73 times in my wonderful life, and I find my momentum building as the wisdom years arise.  After several months resting, recovering from a surgery in October, and revisiting the "why" of "who" I am a fierce rumbling to wake up and reach out kindled.  The urge to teach, bring women together, share my story of the Black Madonna, her rosary, bless others with the four paths of Creation Spirituality, encourage all of us to nurture our gentle masculine within, all this and more spun me in circles of utter delight and confusion.  With great speed I had venues in place, people invited, class outlines stirring - the support was amazing and so encouraging - until absolutely each and every thing that was planned fell systematically into some black hole and completely out of my reach.

Tears fell, I suggested to myself that I might be too old, too uninteresting now, and my heart broke open.  Through the openings of my vulnerable  and lost enthusiasm the light poured through and shown on my truth.  I really did not want to teach.  I did not want the pressure and responsibility.  Recalling, with humor - and honesty - the one exquisite knowing that came with my D.Min degree from UCS was that I, in the cosmic sense, know nothing and that there is nothing to know, therefore nothing to really teach...yet everything to experience.

Letting go of my former ideas and reaching deep into my most consistent truth, I realized my strongest desire was to experience the "creative process."  I wanted this experience to expand, preside within me and connect me further to the rhythms of our Universe, to enliven my consciousness so that I am ever more awake to the awe-filled field of creation in which I thrive and always grow, especially in my art.

A vision came quickly, as if I had been swept through a portal of possibility.  "Reach out to other artists. Form a circle including artists from 6 avenues of expression."  Excellant.  This felt/feel so right.

 We are, so far, a dancer/watercolorist, a poet/author, a singer-song writer/musician, a master chef/visual artist/gallery operator, a painter/ritualist/cosmologist, and a potter/musician.  Hopefully our future will include a theatrical artist and a master gardener.  When we gather we bring our art forward, but product is not the focus.  We come together to explore and mature the processes and experiences of creation in each of our unique ways.  

Personally, I believe everything is art and, every living thing - and everything is living - is always creation creating.  I am so grateful for the burst of consciousness that sparked this "threshold idea" in my mind and also amazed and in awe of what it feels like to BE, yet, a youngster in a 73 year old body.

This is my most recent threshold story.  Love and gratitude to those of us in the CS community who honor threshold experiences.


Comment by Marian Methner on September 23, 2011 at 8:04am
Susan, Thank you for sharing this video about Meinrad Craighead. I have always wanted to attend one of her workshops! Lovely. M
Comment by Marian Methner on September 23, 2011 at 7:36am
Comment by Lori Coon on November 29, 2010 at 12:13pm
Hello Art and Spirituality Community! I LOVE Meinrad Craigheads work too! I have worked in the "art as healing" or "art as meditation" or "transformative art " or art and spirituality" domain for many years. I sculpt but also teach how the creative pathway helps us express and access parts of ourselves and our connection to the world and spirit. Looking forward to learning about new people here!
Comment by Lucy Crichton on July 29, 2010 at 10:21pm
Beautiful, though the fast action photo does not fully describe the painstaking, patient work of creation. But oh, how beautiful!

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