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What does it mean, what could it mean, what ought it mean to belong to Creation Spirituality Communities (CSC)?

What does it mean, what could it mean, what ought it mean to belong to Creation Spirituality Communities (CSC)?

CSC is a newish organization... borne out of a steering committee of interested folks and then carried forward by the CSC Board. In the four-ish years of its existence, CSC's Board has had less than ten Board members (presently: Susan Coppage Evans, Mel Bricker, Diane Wolverton, Rick Kuykendall and Matt Henry). CSC has sponsored three annual events (California 2007, Indiana 2008, North Carolina 2009), and planning for the 2010 event in Burlingame, CA, is well under way.

As volunteers, the Board's energy has been focused thus far in creating the events (with leadership and assistance from many, many others), building the website (here!), launching a book and incorporating formally and properly.But beyond the board members, who is CSC? We have not yet managed to articulate exactly what it means to belong to CSC; but we need to, for several reasons.

Firstly, because it is appropriate to offer people who wish to stand up and be counted together for something a chance to do so with a semblance of organization.

Secondly, because the Board needs (if not now, then one day...) to be refreshed and re-invigorated by others. We believe that these decisions on leadership ought to be made by those who feel themselves a part of this movement.

Thirdly, because we have a few things brewing which make no sense to bring to life before we bring about an actual community where people are more than addressees on a mailing list. For just one example, we've been developing a new model for Creation Spirituality Education. We think the model is good, but who would be "bestowing" a certificate? The CSC Board and the dozen or so others who have worked on the model...? Or would it be better bestowed by a whole community, as it were?

So we ask of you... what does it mean, what could it mean, what ought it mean to belong to Creation Spirituality Communities? We would love to arrive at the 2010 event with a stronger sense of what belonging to CSC means.

The Board has been discussing this need for some time, and wants to open the conversation to all. Any of the Board members would also welcome ideas shared in a more private forum if you prefer.

Here's some thoughts and questions we offer to prime the discussion...

~We could have Membership for individuals, and Affiliation for communities.
~Some folks may prefer to belong to the "website community," but not necessarily to CSC, and vice-versa.
~What would be the benefits, both tangible and intangible?
~What would be the obligations and commitments?

We sincerely welcome and invite your thoughts... thank you!

Diane, Mel, Matt, Rick and Susan

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Thanks for this beautiful story, Anne. It seems like the way through this controversy is with stories. Community gathers around the story--that is what I long for...and why I can't abandon the old stories. I love the feeling of being connected through time to Sarah and Hagar and Eve--they are my sisters too.
As part of our culture we share the structure of narrative--the once upon a time and happily ever after...conflict/conflict resolved. Life is not this orderly, of course, but it is in our bones to hope that "all shall be well". What grace to be able to see the Christ in each other, and in "the other". HOw did it everhappen that we began hurting each other with these stories?
HI, you'all. I"ve been busy getting ready for Christmas, so not able to participate much here.... and I'm about to be pretty scarce for the next week or so. So, I want to say "hey" to you friends here in the "community" room.

Actually, I realize this is a very important discussion thread that Matt started. I gather that it's part of the process of consensus building about how CSC will proceed? Consensus takes a lot of time and hard work; doesn't it?

Anne, I agree with you that service to others gives a focus to community and holds it together. Carl, George, Lamar and Mary Ellen.... I agree about the need to be positive and loving. Mary Ellen, are you recovering okay from your eye surgery? Matt, I didn't go back to find your last post... I hope you are enjoying your precious, little daughters during this holiday season. Neverness, I'd like to get to know you after the holidays. Bill.... Mary.... others posting here, I am deeply grateful for your friendship.

Now, Lamar and George.... I just gotta say a word about your "cat allergy." I didn't really understand that.... read it about 5 times... then realized that the word-smithing you'all are doing here is a form of art (with all it's metaphors, etc.), and art can be misunderstood... and I"m choosing not to personalize that and think that you're allergic to ME... because I'm after all, not a cat. I just like to post cats. Are you allergic to any other animals?

Anyway... many blessings to you dear cosmos pilgrims during this holiday season, and I look forward to more times with you in the new year.



No, no Sara, not allergic to you, just to cats. I had several of them growing up, including one that thought it was a dog because it would chase pickup trucks that drove by my parents house (no joke), hide behind the front steps until I turned up their walk, then come streaking stiff-legged across the lawn and wrap all four legs around my ankle. Neighbors angrily brought him home one day and told us to keep him away from their house (keep a cat away from somewhere it wants to go? are you kidding?!) because he had scared their German shepherd away from its food and eaten it all! (Made me laugh; still does). Unfortunately, though I like cats, I've developed an allergy to their dander (especially the long haired ones -- cats, not dander). Friends had a big calico cat named "meow-meow" because that's the way she spoke, always "meow-meow".

Where did you get the great picture at the end of your post? Delightful! In "real life", the owl would be cleaning them up before eating them for dinner. In a truly peaceful world (or at least a moment-in-time), the owl and the others would be compatriots and all humans should be.

Thanks for your presence and contributions here & elsewhere.


A real beauty, Lamar, a forest spirit who decided to bless you and your wife with her presence.
i would like to introduce you to my cats...Wendy (gray) Rojo (red) Alec (Siamese)....they are my friends...and none of us are allergic....

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I must have missed them, Addison, but where are the CSC cards? I don't know what you're referring to. Clarify, please?
amen, brothers and sisters, amen, friends and lovers, amen to all who have found this to be a safe and fruitful place to be,,,deep heartfelt thanks to Matt, George and everybody playing and dancing in the fields of CSC who are a part of the wondrous adventure we are all a part much love....Carl
Wow! This is a very interesting discussion. I am most interested in the CS Education model. As a student at the former UCS (now known as Wisdom U.) I am wondering why there is a desire to give a certificate in Creation Spirituality. What is the difference between the certificate from Wisdom U and what the CSC is doing? Was Wisdom University an attempt to become more "integral" and a move away from "holistic"? If so, who made that move and why? Or was it a move toward a more global institution vs. the bi-coastal institution that UCS was?

I recall that in 2005 most of the rationale for the change had to do with financial circumstances. Was that the whole story or am I missing something?
It is an interesting discussion here, Aleta. I don't think there's a simple or agreed-upon answer as to what has changed from UCS to WU, or why. I do know that Creation Spirituality disappeared from the name of the school, then from the name of the degree, then from the core unit list, then altogether. In seeking to develop a model for CSC to do some education around CS, I guess it's a way of re-hoisting the particular flag that is Creation Spirituality. I'd also say, personally, that the model-in-development is meant to be much more accessible geogrpahically, financially, and academically than both UCS and WU.



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