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Share your thoughts and insights here about the new CHAT feature we're trialling...

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Hey Matt,

Once you realize your there it's pretty dang cool. So if you are signed into CSC site you are automatically online unless you intentionally sign out?

Is there a way to have a "private" chat session? That would be even more alluring to me so to keep the proposed or created group to an intimate and manageable size. Too many people weighing in on a topic can create more text than I can read and absorb.

But as a feature I like it if there was a way to use it for a community group. Otherwise, I may log in to see who is online when I am but wouldn't use it too much in this format.

Thanks for always looking at ways to create!


PS Love the photo of you and your kids!!
It appears you can have a two person chat by clicking on their name... They'll probably upgrade it in time. We'll see... I like that it says a number of folks on line, but I'm personally not much of a web-chatterer anyway...
Nice to hear from you...

I'm loving and learning as I explore this awesome web site.

Thanks for all you've given. Hope to see you in N. C. Do you ever get to Honolulu??

Jo An Gaines
Hi Jo An, yep off to NC. Only time I've ever been to Honolulu was a diverted plane. Otherwise we just fly right over the top of you...
Where is the tab for the chat feature? I am having navigation issues this morning!
The chat feature is neither here nor there for me. BTW, I did not see a button for
it in the horizontal bar. Perhaps i'm dense...
I edited my last post and clicked "save," but it did not go through. I was saying I did not
see the button on the bottom toolbar. Funny, now that i've said I won't be using it...:)
I find the fiesty window that won't stay shrunk but pops up everytime I switch to a new page a little annoying - but I just keep popping its head telling it to go away. :-)
Have you tried "popping it out." That might work?
Am online right now trying this out. I don't think I've got the technique yet. Can you supply step by step instructions please.

Sorry Maz,... If you can see below, to the right, there should be a few little icons in the "border" of the window on your internet browser. If you click on these, you should be able to get going. I must say, I'm rarely online at the same time as others, so I might be alone in thinking that the chat eature is not used, but so far I haven't seen it much use, so maybe we'll ditch it...



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