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John Gilmore posted a status
"I am grateful for the people who I have meant through UCS and the ideas they gave me long ago. It opened a whole new world for me."
Carole Trickett posted a status
"Being widowed fairly recently I am enormously grateful for my four supportive daughters and their husbands."
Jan 16
anthony caeton posted a status
"that i have a terrible cold with all the symptoms coming one after the other."
Jan 4
Carole Trickett is now a friend of Creation Spirituality Communities
Nov 15, 2017
Barbara Kates posted a status
"I am grateful for so many things! The company of my pets, my job (I love it!), friends, shelter, art! I could fill a page!"
Oct 31, 2017
Theodore Richards posted a status
"Today my new book The Great Re-imagining is out!…"
Oct 18, 2017
Lilli Lindbeck posted a status
"grateful for Matthew Fox's online course "The Way of the Spiritual Warrior" and for Lt. General Silveria's address on diversity to the USAFA"
Sep 30, 2017
Lilli Lindbeck is now a friend of Creation Spirituality Communities
Sep 30, 2017


April 26



Welcome to the Social Networking Site of Creation Spirituality Communities.  There is a lot to do here!

  • Visit the communities below – some are on-line communities or discussion groups and some are local communities that you can visit in person. Any participant of this CSC site can create a community. You are welcome to start one and invite others to join you.
  • Within each community there are many discussions; feel free to join one or start a new discussion on your own theme.
  • You are invited to personalize your own CSC page to reflect who you are and what you are about. You can also add a blog. Be sure to check out other participants’ blogs and share your thoughts and comments.  
  • Share your own Creation Spirituality oriented events on the event page.
  • Read about Creation Spirituality and CSC by using the navigation tabs above.
  • Become a member of CSC and help support education, networking, community building, and special events to strengthen the Creation Spirituality movement.
  • Network with others to further the work of peace, justice and transformation in the world!
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